How to Buy a Carpet on EMI from HDFC Bank Credit Card?

You can feel better immediately by painting your house with beautiful carpets, but often it's too expensive. The HDFC Bank EMI monthly instalment credit card allows you to spread your costs over several months, so that you can manage it easily. The purpose of this article is to show you how to buy a carpet on EMI using a HDFC Bank credit card.

Step 1:

Check Eligibility When you are approved for eligibility, check out a number of rug options to see if they satisfy your needs and budget. Check out the factors that will make your home furnishings more attractive, such as size, material, design and colour.

Step 2: Select a Carpet

Once you have been approved for eligibility, check out a number of rug options to see if they meet your needs and budgets. Think about the factors that will complement your home's furniture, such as size, materials, designs and colours.

Step 3: Choose the EMI Plan

The seller should be able to provide you with EMI options once you've selected your carpet.According to the vendor's relationship with HDFC Bank, EMIs range from three months to six months to nine months to twelve months. EMI options can be compared to determine which is the right option for you.

Step 4: Make the Purchase

Use your HDFC Bank credit card to pay for the product once you have completed an EMI scheme. Please provide the seller with your card details in order to be able to process this transaction in a timely manner. Ensure that this transaction is processed for the total amount of carpet, not as a normal credit card payment.

Step 5: EMI Conversion

HDFC Bank will convert the total amount into EMIs on the basis of your chosen plan after the transaction has been completed. HDFC Bank will send you an acknowledgement of the EMI conversion. This message will contain details such as the EMI amount, tenure, and the date of each instalment.

Step 6: Repayment

As soon as EMI conversion has been completed, you will have to pay the month's instalments on a schedule given by HDFC Bank.  The EMI amount shall be automatically debited from your HDFC credit card on the specified due date each month. You must have sufficient funds in your credit card account to avoid penalty charges.

Step 7: Monitor Statements

To monitor your EMI payments, take a look at the HDFC credit card statement. HDFC Net Banking or the mobile app will allow you to view your statements online. Check that the EMI amounts have been properly debited and report any irregularities to HDFC Bank without delay.


You can enhance your home in a comfortable way by buy carpet online on EMI with HDFC Bank Credit Card without any financial strain. You can easily spread the cost of your carpet purchase and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable living space by following the simple steps set out in this guide. Make sure you pay on time to avoid any fines and take advantage of the new carpet in a stress free way.