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Create Smarter & Greener Spaces with Vertical Gardens.

Artificial UV Coated Vertical Garden Mat

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Turn Your Wall into a Living Artwork with Vertical Garden

At Carpet Planet, we strive to transform your living or working space into emerald-green oases with our purpose-driven vertical garden solutions. Being in the industry for 10+ years, we’ve understood the importance of blending nature with modern urban architecture, and our vertical gardens fulfill this objective precisely.

To turn your dream into reality, all you need to do is connect with us. Our team of skilled horticulturists and designers will visit your place and create a blueprint for visually stunning, space-saving vertical gardens that will enhance your environment.

Whether you’re willing to captivate your home, office, or commercial space with a lush botanical wall, we

Whether you desire a lush botanical wall in your home, office, or commercial space, we can do it.

Why Choose Carpet Planet for Vertical Garden?

1. Expertise

Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of plant selection, growth patterns, and design aesthetics to ensure your vertical garden thrives.

2. Customization

We tailor our designs to your specific preferences, ensuring your vertical garden complements your space seamlessly.

3. Maintenance

We offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your vertical garden flourishing year-round.

Discover the joys of green living with Carpet Planet's vertical garden solutions. Contact us today to bring the soothing beauty of nature to your surroundings!

Benefits of Having Vertical Gardens


Beautifies Indoor & Outdoor


Saves Up Space


Budget Friendly



Low Maintenance


Indoor & Outdoor Use


Durable & Long-Lasting


Realistic Look


Versatile Application


Beautifies Any Space

Orders For Residential and Commercial Projects

Looking for artificial grass, flowers, vertical gardens and plants? Please connect with our experts for best recommendations.

We accept orders for residential and commercial projects with custom sizes and specifications at a reasonable price.

Carpet Planet is the most trusted and pioneer brand in Artificial Grass Industry and Carpet Making.

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