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Benefits of Wall to Wall Carpets


Beautifies Floor Decor


Provides Warmth & Safety


Gives Superior Comfort



Low Maintenance


Long Lasting & Durable


Heat & Sound Insulation


Anti Flammability & Anti Static


Versatile Application


Unmatchable Colors and Fabrics

We Undertake Residential & Commercial Projects


Residential Projects


Commertial Projects

We accept orders for residential and commercial projects with custom sizes and specifications at a reasonable price.

Carpet Planet is the most trusted and pioneer brand in Carpet Making.

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1. What all products does carpet planet sell?

- We specialize in high-quality rugs and carpets.
- Carpet cleaning and repair. We also sell artificial grass,
- vertical gardens, wall-to-wall carpeting, and blinds.

2. What all type of Carpets do you deal in?

Yes you may get the carpet dry cleaned or vaccum clean it

3. Can we get the carpets customized?

Yes we can customize the carpets.

4. Does the color remain intact or washes off?

The color remains intact for decades.

5.What is the delivery time?

It takes around a week’s time to deliver.

6. Where can it be used?

It can be used for residential and commercial spaces.

7. Any warranty on the product?

Yes every article comes with minimum one year warranty.

8. Is this made in China?

No, Its completely made in India by our Local Artisans who has decades of experience and unmatchable skills. We showcase our Indian culture through various designs and colors in our carpets.

9. Why some carpets are expensive?

Some carpets are more expensive because they are handmade and are crafted with good quality materials. The hand crafted materials are much more durable, so you will get a product that lasts and is more comfortable to stand on over many years than a cheaper carpet would be.
Also the size of a carpet has much to do with how expensive it is. The bigger carpets for large living rooms are more expensive.

10. Is the carpet Pet Friendly?

Absolutely ! Carpet Planet offers high quality carpet and we have designed our carpets to be pet friendly. No need to worry your new purchase is perfect for your furry friends too!

11. Is the Carpet soft to touch?

Yes the carpets we offer are pretty soft and good for the touch. We have different textures in our carpets, so it would be great for any home.

12. How to clean the Carpets?

- It is essential to vacuum your carpet on a regular basis.
- If necessary use a brush attachment.
- Use a broom to sweep the carpet in order to remove dirt, hair, and other debris.
- Treat stains immediately.
Also you can anytime connect Carpet Planet for professional carpet cleaning and repair services.

13. What are the dimensions of the Carpets.

The carpets and Rugs comes in various sizes and dimensions and can also be customized as per client’s requirements.

14. Is it slippery? I need a skid-free durry that is safe for elderly people

Though this rug do not have any anti skid extra layer but the rug is heavy enough that it do not slips on floor.