The Best Carpets for Kids’ Rooms

Planning for a kid’s room can be an interesting yet challenging thing that people do. Parents opt to have a place that is enjoyable and at the same time enticing, safe and resistant to wear and tear. Looking for best carpet is one sure way of making your child’s room to appear completely different from other rooms. When well spread, carpets are very homely and add décor to any room as well as make it warm. Below are some fabulous choices from Carpet Planet’s Kids Carpet Collection that will give your child’s chamber its entire look.

1. Got Em CP07002ZZ

The carpet is eye-catching and highly durable with bright colored patterns. Warrior High Quality hand Tufted Rug has a soft and comfortable surface perfect for the sitting children for play, etc. It is also designed to endure the children’s tumultuous activities.

2. Stewie

Looking for a rug with personality? Then look no further than Stewie! This fun carpet is perfect for kids rooms! The high-quality materials will make sure that your rug lasts long while having it be comfortable at the same time because it is created using only the finest designs available today. Moreover, this item could be just what you need to brighten up any child’s room.

3. Multicolour Hand Tufted Round Carpet

Round carpets are very good items to their rooms, the child’s one by changing the rectangular furniture layout monotony with the carpet as focal point. Multicolour Hand Tufted Round Carpet is a mixture of bright colors and different designs that are good for dynamic play spaces. This specific handmade item has both aesthetic appeal and a welcoming touch.

4. Dog Face High Quality Hand Tufted Rug

A smiley face can easily fill up a room with light! This cheerful, high-quality hand-tufted rug is strong too. It has a confident style that is charming and always looks right. So it becomes your kid’s playing field and comfort zone. Dog Face Rug can withstand daily usage yet preserve its vivid appearance.

5. Funny Multi-Color Hand Tufted Carpet

If you want to buy carpet online, one personal favorite is the Funny Multi-Color Hand Tufted Carpet from the Dope Collection. This carpet is handcrafted and features geometrical patterns of different colors that will make a kid’s bedroom look like circus in any one moment. The carpet has been crafted carefully so that it is both comfortable enough to use and durable.

6. Funny Rabbit Multi-Color Hand Tufted Carpet

The Funny Rabbit Multi-Color Hand Tufted Carpet is a delightful addition to a child’s room that brings a touch of nature and fun. With its adorable rabbit design and vibrant colors, it will appeal to people of all ages. This carpet, with its high quality materials, is made by hand which means that it can withstand all the playful actions children will undertake during the day.

7. Smiley Face High Quality Hand Tufted Rug

When you’re looking to buy a Dope Collection Customer name rug, you can never go wrong with the Smiley Face carpet. This high-quality hand-tufted rug aims at adding comfort & joy into your kid’s room. It’s ideal bright colorful shape will make the kid happy and feel at home.

8. Happy Face Rug

The happy face carpet is a great choice for someone who desires a daring and vigorous appearance. It may transform any kid's room into an active environment through its lively patterns and loud colors. How designers can manage to make impressive things that have practical application is simply amazing.


Choosing the best carpet for your kid’s bedroom will determine the quality of beauty and service. Carpet Planet’s Kids collection presents different varieties that are both amusing and tough enough to last. Both comfort and endurance are featured in these rugs that can be bought from Carpet Planet online store for children rooms, living rooms, or even study rooms at home.