FAQs About Artificial Grass


Question: Does it require glue to fix it on floor

Answer: No. Just place it.

Question: Can it be put on top of soil?

Answer: yes, you can put it on top of soil.

Question: Can we park a vehicle on it?

Answer: Vehicle Parking is not recommended.

Question: Can it be used in balcony?

Answer: Yes, it instantly beautifies the balcony.

Question: Where it can be used?

Answer: Yard, balcony, park, garden, school, public places. Uses : Can be used indoor and outdoor both.

Question: Is it Weather Proof?

Answer: Yes it is weatherproof to withstand the elements.

Question: Is it Pet Friendly?

Answer: Yes, absolutely, artificial grass carpet is great for backyard, pet dog area, kindergarten, roof, balcony, decoration, table display, doormat and much more.

Question: Can it be used in every season?

Answer: Yes ,All season usage without any affect from rain or snow. Minimum shedding. Durable and. Can sustain heat and heavy usage.

Question: Is it removable and washable ?

Answer: Yes it is easy to wash and easy to remove.

Question: How do you wash this ?

Answer: Keep it on a rod and spray the water with full force. Allow it to dry for a day.

Question: How long does artificial grass last?

Answer: Our ranges of artificial grass can last 8-10 years or more with the right level of care. Depending on the level of traffic in the area it might not even fade or flatten in that time.

Question: Will my garden drain as well with artificial grass?

Answer: Yes – artificial grass drains like real grass. It’s porous, allowing rain water to drain through it into the soil below.

Question: Does artificial grass need any on-going maintenance?

Answer: Yes, but not much, and considerably less than real grass. Say goodbye to summer evenings spent with a lawn mower or hose pipe as all you really need to do is keep your artificial lawn clear of debris and leaves. Just give it the occasional once-over with a stiff brush or a quick hose down for heavier soiling.

Question: Does artificial grass fade in the sunlight?

Answer: Modern artificial grass will hold its colour for a long time. You might notice that as the grass beds in the color change a little, but this isn’t the grass fading (the blades of grass aren’t going to slowly transition to white – don’t worry). The artificial grass we use is high quality, so it will not fade in the sunshine.