The Eco-Friendly Carpeting Options You Should Consider

The alarming increase in global warming, changes in weather cycles, the lack of fresh air, the increasing prevalence of diseases, and an unending number of such changes that we observe around us are occurring due to the deteriorating health of Mother Earth.

However, with the growing awareness about revitalizing the health of Mother Earth, people have begun to embrace eco-friendly options ranging from EV vehicles to eco-friendly carpets. Did you know you can also contribute to the wellness of Mother Earth by purchasing an eco-friendly carpet and rugs?

Every commercial space or residence needs an upgrade in flooring options once, nowadays interior designing professionals are considering hand-knotted carpets as a first option because of their eco-friendly properties.

Every residence needs a carpet upgrade every once in a while, but home professionals and DIYers should consider eco-friendly carpeting. These are a greener way to decorate and style a room.

Here, we’ve discussed how to buy carpet online in a variety of eco-friendly options that will not only beautify the aesthetics of your home but also contribute to the wellness of our beloved planet.

The time is right for a new carpet

Every carpet reaches a point where change is inevitable. Over time, they accumulate dirt and wear, making it clear that they've served their purpose. But have you ever wondered about the environmental impact of disposing of these seemingly innocuous home essentials?

It turns out that carpets are tougher to break down than meets the eye. They consist of various components, with the face of a carpet often featuring plastics like Nylons 6 and 66, polyester, and polypropylene. Recycling them requires laborious sorting processes. In facilities ill-equipped for this task, entire carpets may end up in landfills, contributing to destructive waste disposal, one of the most detrimental actions to the environment.

These discarded carpets decompose, releasing toxins into the air and water, posing risks to both humans and wildlife. In 2017 alone, approximately 5 billion pounds of carpet found their way into landfills, highlighting the urgency of adopting more sustainable alternatives.

So, what makes eco-friendly carpets a better choice?

Manufacturers of every premium carpet prioritize materials with minimal environmental impact. They opt for natural fibers like wool and cotton, which not only replicate the plushness of traditional plastics but also biodegrade when their lifecycle ends. Some companies even offer non-toxic dyes or dye-free alternatives, further reducing environmental harm.

If you cannot get eco-friendly options from offline sellers then buy carpet online that contain recycled fibers. Some businesses source plastics from discarded carpets or plastic bottles, effectively reducing single-use waste.

These manufacturers should embrace a zero-waste philosophy, seeking to extend the lifespan of their products indefinitely. With end-of-life and takeback programs, customers can return their carpets for recycling or refurbishment, creating an infinite cycle of reuse and minimizing waste.

Replacing, Buying, and Installing Carpets Sustainably

If you're considering buying an eco-friendly premium carpet, here are some essential tips to guide you:

1.    Safely remove your old carpet

Before installing a premium carpet, ensure you safely remove the old one, especially if there's a chance of mold or rust beneath it. Proper safety gear is essential to protect against exposure to harmful substances.

2.    Dispose of your old carpet responsibly

Consider creative ways to reuse your old carpet, or find local recycling facilities that can process it.

3.    Seek sustainable carpeting

Look for brands that use safe, responsibly harvested materials. Natural options like wool, jute, bamboo, coir, sisal, and seagrass are low-impact choices when sourced sustainably. If you’re willing to buy carpet online, investigate the manufacturer's practices to ensure their commitment to sustainability.

4.    Install your new carpet sustainably

When installing your eco-friendly carpet, be mindful of adhesives that may contain volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). These pollutants can have adverse health effects. Choose adhesives and materials certified as safe by organizations like CRI Green Label Plus.

By considering these tips and choosing eco-friendly premium carpets, you not only enhance the aesthetics of your living space but also contribute to a healthier planet for all. And if you're looking to buy carpet online that is eco-friendly in nature then Carpet Planet” is an excellent place to start.